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Welcome to my website where you can read about my journey in dressage and I can tell you how I can help you and your partnership with your horse.

I have competed at all levels up to and including Inter 1 and I'm working my way up to Grand Prix.

It will only take one session for you to judge the benefits I can bring and decide whether my way of working suits you and your horse.


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What my clients say

"Lessons with Laura have really helped improve my riding, my horse's way of going and ultimately, the scores on my test sheets! As a trainer, Laura gives me advice, encouragement and her lessons are always really helpful.
In April 2013, I was lucky enough to take my horse and spend a week based at Laura's yard in Leicestershire - it was an awesome experience; watching Laura ride helped me visualise what we'd been talking about in my lessons and really helped my understanding, the horses in her care are treated like royalty, the yard is beautiful and I learnt a lot - not to mention being very well looked after by her lovely parents!

I would highly recommend Laura to anyone who is looking for help and wants to achieve a better result at home or out competing!"


"In 2010 I had an accident with my very best friend, a coloured cob called Dazzle. We both lost confidence as Dazzle was diagnosed with IR and my whole world fell apart for a good part of 2011 while she battled this condition and laminitis.  Things started to look up after a long period of box rest which resulted in us being at the start of what seemed a long road to recovery August 2011. 
To a lot of riders this would have been the start of an easy process, but my confidence had hit rock bottom and my part in Dazzles life was to deliver confidence no matter what - she needed me and I wasn't there.  After lots of tears and days when I thought we had turned a corner to only find I couldn't support her again, I came across an article in Horse & Hound about a young lady who had supported a friend in a similar situation as me and now she was on her way to the Regional Finals and the words " I could never have done this without Laura Jarvis" kept coming back to me. I needed help but I was the only one to ride Dazzle since she was four and on the odd occasion someone else had tried it resulted in both Dazzle and I becoming upset as she became so distressed.
The words "I could not have done this without Laura Jarvis" kept being brought into my thoughts as I tried to battle my nerves to give my little lady what she needed (me). After battling my thoughts of it won't work, we have been here before, I finally phoned Laura and asked for the help we both desperately needed. 
Laura arrived at South Carr in February 2014 for our first lesson. I can remember trying my hardest to keep myself together hoping she would not notice the total wreck I had become and hoped Dazzle would help me through. Dazzle tired her hardest but without me she just couldn't do it and after a few lessons going this way Laura finally asked if she could get her hat and get on.  My heart was saying no I couldn't put Dazzle through another person not quite understanding her but my head was telling me this is a cross road that we either cross or stay where we are forever.  I am writing this with tears in my eyes because crossing that cross road was the best thing I ever did.  Laura took over riding Dazzle and started the road of recovering her confidence while I watched.  I witnessed first hand how Laura unravelled and built Dazzle's building blocks back up, how she supported her through her fears and her ability to go from I am here everything is fine to hey  madam we are doing it is what makes Laura the rider and coach she is.
I have now known Laura for the best part of a year and it feels like I have known her a life time.  This lady is one talented rider and coach, she can communicate at all levels which allows the connection with horse and rider to be united.  I have no doubt that Laura, with the right support team will one day represent England and a long with a lot of other people I feel privileged that I have got to know Laura.
Thank you very much for your continued support with Dazzle, South Carr Farm and me."

Annette Clay

"I have been working with Laura as my trainer for a couple of years now . She has always been honest and enthusiastic...2 qualities I really value . She helped me with my search for a new horse and found Spot for me. He is everything I hoped for and more. I am really enjoying my journey with Spot and as a young horse Laura has helped set us on the right track. What really helps is the combination of Laura riding him and shows me what he can do as well as our lessons where he suffers me bumping around on him! We are now out enjoying affiliated dressage with Laura riding and aiming for qualifiers and me enjoying competing locally to check how our schooling is coming along . Loving every minute of the journey!"

Linda McDonald

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